EDI Billing

As part of our commitment to provide quality care and high customer satisfaction, Eberle Vivian is pleased to announce our newly formed strategic partnership WorkCompEDI (WCEDI).

We understand the use of electronic healthcare transactions is of great value to the provider community and by partnering with WCEDI, we can offer you a more versatile and efficient process for conducting business with Eberle Vivian through a single point of entry. We are excited to announce you are now able to submit claim electronically to us, using electronic payer ID, LS662. Effective immediately, please begin routing these claims electronically to expedite payment. For information on how to submit supporting documentation please contact: Taylor Jolin at 253-854-6323 ext. 142.

If you currently use WCEDI as your clearinghouse, no action is needed. If you use another vendor for your clearinghouse services, please contact them to ensure connectivity to WCEDI is already in place to route these claims using Eberle Vivian electronic payer ID, LS662.

If you are unable to generate an electronic claim, please contact WCEDI for access to the Eberle Vivian sponsored Portal to directly enter your claims to Eberle Vivian electronically. To send an inquiry to WCEDI please email eberlevivian@wcedisupport.com

The WCEDI sales department can be reached at 1-800-297-6909 X1010 or via email at bfriar@workcompedi.com.

Eberle Vivian greatly values its relationship with the health care provider community, and remains committed to continually enhancing our service to you.

If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this letter, please contact Taylor Jolin at 253-854-6323 ext. 142.


**For supporting documentation submission, please follow this link**