Electronic Bill Supporting Documentation Process

Eberle Vivian has designated WCEDI as their exclusive EDI clearinghouse.  WCEDI is accepting  professional claims for Eberle Vivian.  The payer name and ID needed for claims submission is,  Eberle Vivian – LS662.  There is no payer enrollment required to submit claims.

If you currently submit claims to WCEDI then you will be able to send Eberle Vivian claims without completing any enrollment paperwork.  If you do not currently submit claims to WCEDI and would like to,  please contact the WCEDI Support Center at 1-800-297-6906, or contact your clearinghouse representative.

Clearing house provider: WorkCompEDI (WCEDI)

Eberle Vivian Clearinghouse ID: LS662

Submit your supplemental documentation including chart notes directly to Eberle Vivian following the steps below.


(Fax Number) – 253-220-2115


Web Based Documentation Submission:

1. Within your web browser, navigate to https://provider.eberlevivian.com:8443

2. This will bring you to a login page, select Anonymous Login at the bottom of the page.

3.  Once logged in you can drag files over or choose files by clicking “Choose Files By Selecting”4. Now that the files have been selected, click “Begin Upload”5. Once you have finished the upload, you can select “Logout”

Automated Documentation Submission (FTPS Client):

Launch your FTPS Client, create a new connection and enter the information below.

Connection type – FTP-SSL (FTPS)

Server – provider.eberlevivian.com

(Leave username and password blank)

Check Anonymous Login

Click Connect.

NOTE: This is a secure dropbox. You will not be able to see or remove any files you submit to this location.


Once connected, you will be able to drag files into this client so that they can be sent off to the selected destination.

Preparing Your Files:

When preparing your files to be submitted, we ask that you follow the guide lines listed below.

Make sure that you are sending .PDF files. Other file types can cause issues and slow down the process.

Make sure the your naming structure always starts with the claim number followed by an underscore followed by key words.

For example your file will look something like this.


(Claim number)_(Keywords).pdf



If you have any questions regarding the information in this email, please contact Taylor Jolin at 253-853-6323 ext. 142